The need to renew, repair and replace aging infrastructure has a significant impact on municipalities and the quality of life for their residents. Infrastructure funding supports families and prosperous communities by maintaining safe roads and transportation, fitness and recreation opportunities, and facilities to deliver safe drinking water. Manitoba’s infrastructure deficit exceeds $11 billion, or a staggering $10,000 per Manitoban. And this doesn’t include new infrastructure needs. For example, the City of Winnipeg estimated that its existing infrastructure deficit is $3.8 billion, with an additional $3.6 billion required for new strategic infrastructure.

According to the AMM’s most recent polling numbers, more than one-half of Manitobans – 56% – believe that local governments should spend more money addressing core infrastructure, like streets, roads, bridges and water and wastewater-related assets. Municipalities also have to think about renewing their community and recreation infrastructure.

Recent investments in municipal infrastructure by the federal and provincial government will help; unfortunately they are far short of addressing the infrastructure deficit for Manitoba communities. The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) works alongside AMM and other provincial/territorial associations to lobby for national solutions to the infrastructure deficit.

The New Building Canada Plan is a ten year infrastructure funding plan introduced by the federal government consisting of several separate sources of funding:

Gas Tax Fund (GTF)

Originally introduced in as a predictable and flexible source of funding for municipalities, the renewed and now permanent GTF will be indexed at two per cent per year, to be applied in $100 million increments.

Manitoba will receive over $340 million per year from the GTF from 2014-2019.


For questions about the Gas Tax Funding Agreement, contact:

Canada-Manitoba Infrastructure Secretariat
(204) 945-4074
e-mail at

For questions about the Gas Tax Oversight Committee, contact:

Joe Masi
Executive Director
Association of Manitoba Municipalities
(204) 856-2360

New Building Canada Fund (NBCF)

The NBCF consists of a National Infrastructure Component and a Provincial/Territorial Infrastructure Component (PTIC). 10 per cent of the PTIC is guaranteed for the Small Communities Fund, which funds projects in communities with populations under 100,000.

Manitoba will receive $467 million under the PTIC over the next ten years, $46.7 million of which will be allocated to the Small Communities Fund.

P3 Canada Fund

$1.25 billion will be invested into the P3 (Public-Private Partnerships) Canada Fund, to be administered by PPP Canada.

The Province of Manitoba currently provides municipal infrastructure assistance through a number of programs that fall under the Building Manitoba Fund. The total funding available through the Building Manitoba is equivalent to one-seventh of provincial sales tax revenues.

The AMM participates on the selection committee of the following provincial programs for municipal infrastructure:

Municipal Road Improvement Program
Municipal Bridge Program

The AMM also has two board members on the Manitoba Water Services Board, which provides technical and financial assistance to municipalities and water co-operatives outside Winnipeg.

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