Affordable Housing

Many Manitoba communities are experiencing strong economic growth. This in turn drives sudden population increases, and a healthy housing sector is essential to support the economy and to ensure the continued growth of these communities. Without adequate housing options, local businesses cannot bring in the new workers they need. Rural and northern Manitoba in particular are experiencing housing shortages of a variety of types: supportive housing for seniors, rental housing, and affordable housing for different family sizes.

Public sector involvement must complement and encourage the private sector to build housing that meets local needs, rather than creating obstacles. Cities and communities need better housing options to attract new workers, keep young families, and support seniors and our most vulnerable citizens.

As well, federal government actions, aligned with provincial and local initiatives, can be a catalyst for a stronger and more balanced housing system, which will attract investment and create jobs, support new economic growth, and increase labour mobility. As a result, the AMM continues to lobby for a stronger federal role in housing.

May 20, 2015: FCM Report – Built to Last:  Strengthening the Foundations of Housing in Canada


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