Municipal Leader – Winter 2010

Building on what most would agree was a far too short session on the same subject at the AMM 11th Annual Convention back in November, we decided to feature a special report on “Inclusive Communities” this issue. The report kicks off with a recap of that same session, followed by a focus on four specific areas – Manitobans with disabilities, younger Manitobans, older Manitobans, and new Manitobans. The report is sure to give readers an excellent grasp of some of the things needed to make their communities more inclusive.

But that is not all – the first issue of 2010 also includes:

  • A recap of the 11th Annual Convention
  • The second installment of the “Memory Matters” feature we launched last issue
  • A thorough overview of the new campaign finance rules
  • The results of the AMM’s survey on downloading
  • An introduction to Premier Greg Selinger and Minister of Local Government, Ron Lemieux
  • A discussion with our returning Executive
  • And much more!
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