Municipal Leader – Spring 2015

As special reports go, the Infrastructure feature this issue is larger than most, which is no surprise given the enormity of the problem. Although modern, effective and reliable infrastructure is a key component of economic competitiveness, decades of chronic underfunding have lead to a massive deficit that jeopardizes the future prosperity of every community in this province. The AMM has long called for a share equal to one per cent of the PST that could be dedicated to municipal infrastructure, and is further advocating for a rebate or exemption of the PST municipalities currently pay. In the meantime, our special report takes a head-on look at the issue by delving into what is working – and what is not.

There is more to municipal governance than infrastructure, though, and our spring issue also features some great stories – stories about partnership, about innovation, about pride in one’s community, and about unexpected returns to political life.

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