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Chief Administrative Officer Employer: Town of Winnipeg Beach Location: Winnipeg Beach, MB Application Deadline: October 31, 2022

Job Description:


Reporting to Council, the Chief Administrative Officer is responsible for the overall management of the municipality including administration, financial, human resources, planning and any other duties as assigned by Council.
Along with the duties identified in The Municipal Act, the CAO oversees the implementation of policies and delivery of programs and services that are approved by Council and ensures their programs and services are delivered in an effective and efficient manner.
The CAO will provide Council advice, analysis and recommendations and ensures Council is aware of its legislative and regulatory responsibilities and authorities and provides Council with relevant information to make informed decisions.
The CAO will maintain good working relationships with municipal clients/ratepayers, general public and other government agencies/departments.

Reports to: Council
Hours: This position will normally work the regular hours worked by the Administration Office, however as a management position it is expected that the employee will work the hours of the day required to fulfill the duties of the position.

1. Prepares agenda with pertinent information for council meetings;
2. Attendance at all council meetings and committee meetings as required;
3. Ensures accurate recording and distribution of council meeting minutes;
4. Ensures timely preparation of all public notices;
5. Ensures the maintenance of all current municipal website;
6. Establishes policies and procedures for effective administration of the municipality consistent with The Municipal Act and Council’s direction;
7. Prepares by-laws and policies for Council review and approval;
8. Ensures adherence to The Municipal Act, Planning Act and other relevant legislation;
9. Ensures implementation of council by-laws and policies;
10. Ensures a secure and effective provision and control of IT resources for administrative staff.
1. Directs the development of department budgets and the annual financial plan for the municipality;
2. Ensures the maintenance of a five year capital replacement plan and identifies longer term capital replacement needs;
3. Ensures financial plan funding sources are identified and makes taxation level, reserve requirements and debt financing recommendations;
4. Ensures monthly, quarterly and annual budget reports are provided to Council;
5. Ensures the financial position of the municipality is provided to Council on a timely basis;
6. Ensures recommendations on fees and charges for services are provided to council as required;
7. Ensures policies and procedures for good financial management and control are maintained;
8. Ensures the preparation, review and approval of the annual financial statements are consistent with PSAB requirements;
9. Ensures the coordination of auditor review and approval of the annual financial statements of the municipality;
10. Ensures timely collection of municipal revenue (taxes, fees, fines, etc.) and timely payment of municipal obligations;
11. Ensures the management of municipal investments and reserves.
Human Resource:
1. Manages and directs all management staff of the municipality;
2. Maintains current job descriptions for all staff and a process for annual reviews;
3. Recommends organizational staffing levels for Council approval;
4. Recommends and maintains salary levels for municipal staff;
5. Provides organizational leadership and is a goal oriented leader that will enable staff to effectively meet all challenges;
6. Ensures a commitment to responsive and quality service to customers and clients of the municipality;
7. Ensures the maintenance of an employee training and professional development program;
8. Provides timely selection and recruitment continually updating required skill levels of municipal staff to meet organizational needs;
9. Provides input into Union Negotiations as required.
Planning and Development:
1. Working in conjunction with the Eastern Interlake Planning District ensures the compliance with existing development plans and zoning by-laws;
2. Working in conjunction with the Eastern Interlake Planning District participates in the review, analysis and submissions for development plan and zoning by-laws;
3. Working in conjunction with the Eastern Interlake Planning District advises Council on land use planning and economic development issue;
4. Working in conjunction with the Eastern Interlake Planning District negotiates provisions of development agreements with developers as required and according to guidelines established by Council;
5. Provides supervision and project management of external engineering and planning support resources and expertise as required in conjunction with the Eastern Interlake Planning District;
6. Working in conjunction with the Community Development Corporation provides support services as required and according to guidelines established by Council.

Working Conditions: Office Environment – regularly demanding and stressful when dealing with deadlines, stakeholder conflicts and Council member expectations.

• Excellent interpersonal skills to deal with Council and staff and to build partnerships in the community and surrounding area, while effectively representing the interest of the municipality;
• Excellent oral and written communication skills;
• Analytical, research, organizational skills and problem solving skills;
• Ability to deal with other levels of government including federal, provincial and other municipal;
• Ability to learn and utilize various computer software programs in an efficient and effective manner with the advanced skills in MS Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.
• Supervisory skills including mentoring, coaching and discipline;
• Ability to foster a positive, collaborative and respectful work environment;
• Discretion, tact and good judgement;
• Willingness to be innovative, creative and entrepreneurial.
• A minimum of 5 years CAO experience. A minimum of 5 years’ experience in a Municipal Administrative field may be considered.
• Demonstrated ability to work with a high level of accuracy, tact and diplomacy and maintain effective working relationships with the general public, Council, staff, other organizations and government agencies;
• Ability to prepare by-laws and development agreements;
• Ability to interpret and apply legislation, regulations and policies.

• Having the CMMA (Certificate in Manitoba Municipal Administration, and/or NACLAA designation. In addition Post-Secondary education in a relevant field such as public administration, human resources, business administration, commerce, etc. would be an asset;
• Criminal records check;
• Must be bondable;
• A valid unrestricted Province of Manitoba Driver’s License.

Contact Info:
Mark Bardsley, CMMA
29 Robinson Avenue
PO Box 160
Winnipeg Beach, MB R0C 3G0

Direct Applications To:

Application Deadline: October 31, 2022