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Election 2014

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One of the main functions of the AMM is to lobby on issues that affect Manitoba Municipalities. Many of our issues are raised by our members through resolutions or correspondence, which we then bring to the attention of the Manitoba or Federal government.
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April 22, 2014 - Local infrastructure top-of-mind, poll shows

Local infrastructure is the most critical top-of-mind issue for almost one third of Manitobans, according to a recent poll by Probe Research. The poll “Everything is Local” was commissioned jointly by the AMM, the City of Winnipeg, and the Manitoba Heavy Construction Association (MHCA) to gauge public opinion of local governments and the challenges facing municipalities.

View joint news release
Download "Everything is Local"




April 7, 2014 - Spring, 2014 Issue - the Municipal Leader

It is not often something truly historic happens, but when City of Winnipeg Councillor Devi Sharma became Speaker last November she became the first woman in the City's history to do so. She’s not the only municipal official profiled this issue,  however - her colleague, Councillor Jeff Browaty, and City of Thompson Councillor Luke Robinson are the most recent additions to the AMM Board of Directors. We have all their stories.

This issue also spotlights the Municipal Officials Seminar and MTCML Tradeshow, highlights the federal and provincial budgets, and includes plenty of other interesting stories from contributors.

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March 14, 2014 - AMM Awards Youth Leadership

The AMM is pleased to announce the recipient of the 2014 George Harbottle Memorial Young Community Leader Award is Dane Monkman, a Grade 12 student at Gimli High School in the Evergreen School Division. The AMM presented the award at the Manitoba School Boards Association Celebration of Success evening on March 13.



Pictured: President Doug Dobrowolski presents the 2014 Young Community Leader Award to Dane Monkman.




March 4, 2014 - Municipal Officials Seminar

This year's Municipal Officials Seminar (MOS) takes place from April 16-17, 2014 at the Keystone Centre in Brandon. Join us for two days of policy and professional development sessions, along with the MTCML Tradeshow.

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Pictured: A displayer chats with a delegate at the 2013 MTCML Tradeshow.




January 29, 2014 - 2014 Mayors, Reeves and CAOs Meetings

The annual Mayors, Reeves and CAOs meetings are a series of meetings held over a two week period in each of the AMM's seven districts. The main purpose of each of these meetings is to enhance communication between the AMM and its membership.

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Pictured: Urban Vice-President Eileen Clarke, President Doug Dobrowolski, and Rural Vice-President Ralph Groening, 2013 Western District Mayors, Reeves and CAOs meeting, Village of Waskada





January 20, 2014 - Winter, 2014 Issue - the Municipal Leader

Public safety is one of the cornerstones of a healthy community. When we think of public safety, crime prevention and the work of our local police service or RCMP detachment often comes to mind. What we often forget however, is that those who enforce our laws don't work alone. They rely on partnerships with many other organizations to keep us, and our communities, safe. Our Special Report this issue takes a look at some of those partnerships and features a few success stories, as well.


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December 16, 2013 - More road, water, sewer projects announced

Municipal Government Minister Stan Struthers (centre) was joined by Headingley Mayor Wilfred Taillieu (left) and Doug Dobrowolski, president of the Association of Manitoba Municipalities on December 13 to announce $1.6 million in road improvements for central Manitoba and $2.6 million in water and sewer improvements in the southeastern sector of the province.






December 11, 2013 - AMM legally challenges Amalgamations Act

On November 26, 2013, delegates at the AMM Annual Convention carried a resolution calling on the AMM to oppose forced amalgamation through legal proceedings, representing those municipalities that do not wish to amalgamate.

Today, the AMM began a legal proceeding challenging the Province of Manitoba's implementation of the Municipal Amalgamations Act.

News Release and Backgrounder


Pictured: President Doug Dobrowolski announcing the AMM's legal challenge at the Manitoba Legislature.




December 5, 2013 - 2013 Annual Report

The AMM 2013 Annual Report is now available online.





December 4, 2013 - AMM Annual Convention Recap

The AMM 15th Annual Convention concluded last week and by all accounts was a huge success. Visit our recap page for resolution results, daily bulletins, and photos from all four days of the event!



Pictured: Amanda Lindhout, who received a standing ovation after her keynote presentation titled "Freedom in Forgiveness."




December 4, 2013 - Meeting with Cabinet

Each year the AMM meets with the Premier and Cabinet to discuss the top issues facing municipalities in our province.

This year the AMM met with the Premier and Cabinet on November 28, 2013 on the last day of the AMM 15th Annual Convention at the Keystone Centre in Brandon, Manitoba.





October 8, 2013 - The Municipal Leader - Fall, 2013

The amalgamation discussion continues in the Fall, 2013 issue of the Municipal Leader. With the passing of Bill 33: the Municipal Modernization Act, more questions than answers seem to remain. We look again at this legislation from numerous angles, including political, policy, and human resources.

Of course, the fall issue is always your first look at our Annual Convention line-up and by all accounts, it looks like another excellent event is in the works!

View back issues of the Municipal Leader




September 9, 2013 - Presentation on Bill 33

President Doug Dobrowolski and a number of municipal officials presented their thoughts on Bill 33: The Municipal Modernization Act during the first of three evenings scheduled for these hearings.

View the AMM's submission
Municipalities blast merger plan

Pictured: President Doug Dobrowolski waiting to present on Bill 33. The AMM was the first of 87 presenters to be heard over three evenings.




August 15, 2013 - AMM 15th Annual Convention - Keystone Centre, Brandon

The theme for the AMM 15th Annual Convention, “Shaping our Future,” reflects the realities of today’s local governments. How will municipal leaders face growing challenges while “shaping our future” into one of potential and opportunity?

These are the questions we will explore from November 25-28, 2013 at the Keystone Centre in Brandon.





August 7, 2013 - AMM supports FCM initiative on rail safety

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities' (FCM) National Municipal Rail Safety Working Group recently approved guiding principles to address national municipal rail safety concerns.

View news release




July 22, 2013 - The Municipal Leader - Summer, 2013

Typically, the spring legislative session is just a memory once our summer issue comes out, but the vast number of bills up for debate have resulted in a much longer session this year. We highlight the AMM's position on some of the most contentious bills.

Summer is an opportune time to once again explore the "greening" of municipalities and our special report covers the vast programs available to municipal governments in this area, from household recycling to hazardous waste to electronics to organics.

We also profile some interesting people and projects this issue!

View back issues of the Municipal Leader




June 29, 2013 - Op Ed: PST hike taketh and taketh from RMs

President Doug Dobrowolski's latest opinion piece in the Winnipeg Free Press takes on two troubling pieces of legislation: Bill 20, which raises the P.S.T. by one per cent, and Bill 33, which forces amalgamation on municipalities.





June 25, 2013 - Manitoba honours 10 communities for Age-Friendly initiatives

The RMs of Gimli, Harrison, Killarney-Turtle Mountain and Victoria; the towns of Gladstone, Rossburn and Teulon; the RM and Town of Minitonas; the RM and Town of Hamiota; and the Town of Stonewall and RM of Rockwood were presented with an Age-Friendly Milestone Award today.

news release

Pictured: Representatives of the 10 communities receiving Age-Friendly Milestone Awards on June 25. (Photo by Tracey Goncalves, Manitoba Government Photographer)




June 21, 2013 - June District Meeting Recap

The AMM June District Meetings concluded on June 18, 2012. In total, 44 resolutions were debated and 42 carried.

Meeting Recap
Resolution update

Pictured (L to R): AMM Executive members Councillor Doug Dobrowolski, President; Mayor Eileen Clarke, Urban Vice-President; and Reeve Ralph Groening, Rural Vice-President at the Parkland District meeting in the Town of Roblin.




May 23, 2013 - Municipal Amalgamation

On May 1, 2013, Bill 33: The Municipal Modernization Act was introduced in the Manitoba Legislature. This bill requires all municipalities with fewer than1,000 residents to develop an amalgamation plan effective January 1,2015.

News Release: Municipal Modernization Act undemocratic: AMM
Member Advisory: Bill 33: The Municipal Modernization Act
Article: Amalgamation pro and con
Article: Municipal Amalgamation: What's the Rush?

Pictured: AMM Eastern District Mayors, Reeves and CAOs listen to Local Government Minister Ron Lemieux discussing the Province's plan to amalgamate municipalities.





May 4, 2013 - Op Ed: Forced amalgamations of municipalities arrogant

Last November, the Selinger government surprised Manitoba municipalities with a throne speech announcement that it would begin a process of municipal amalgamations and that almost half of Manitoba's 197 municipalities do not meet the legal threshold of 1,000 residents.





April 26, 2013 - Lobby Day 2013

Each year, the AMM hosts a “Lobby Day” which includes a face-to-face meeting with the Progressive Conservative caucus followed by a similar meeting with the NDP caucus. The purpose of Lobby Day is to highlight the most critical municipal issues of the day and to probe both the government and the official opposition on their views on these issues.

View our latest blog post to read this year's Lobby Day presentation to both parties.

Lobby Day presentation




April 25, 2013 - Municipal leaders and AMM united against budget

A coalition of Manitoba mayors and the AMM spoke as one today, rejecting a provincial budget that fails to provide a dedicated source of funding for municipal infrastructure.


Pictured L to R: President Doug Dobrowolski and Mayor Sam Katz, City of Winnipeg.




April 11, 2013 - Transit partnership recognized

The City of Selkirk’s Transit system – Selkirk Transit - is this year’s recipient of the 2013 Municipal Excellence Award, presented on April 11 during the Municipal Officials Seminar in Brandon.


Pictured L to R: City of Selkirk Councillor Duane Nicol and Mayor Larry Johannson with the 2013 Municipal Excellence Award.





March 22, 2013 - 2013 Federal Budget delivers for Manitoba

Today’s federal budget is an important step forward for Manitoba, and the AMM appreciates the Government of Canada for choosing to continue moving our communities ahead even as it meets its immediate fiscal challenges.

Budget 2013




March 16, 2013 - AMM Awards Youth Excellence

The Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM) is pleased to announce the recipient of the 2013 George Harbottle Memorial Young Community Leader Award is Shania Sveinson. The AMM presented Ms. Sveinson with the award at the Manitoba School Boards Association Celebration of Success evening on March 14.


Pictured: President Doug Dobrowolski presents the 2013 George Harbottle Memorial Young Community Leader Award to Shania Sveinson.




March 4, 2013 - Municipal Officials Seminar & MTCML Tradeshow - April 10 & 11, 2013

Join us for two days of policy and professional development sessions, the MTCML Tradeshow, and the presentation of the 9th Annual Municipal Excellence Award.

Online registration is now available!

More info
Register online now - Early Bird Registration only until March 22!


February 20, 2013 - Urban Reserves and the Treaty Land Entitlement Process

Municipalities and First Nations are working together more than ever before, but often the process of converting land for Manitoba’s Treaty Land Entitlements simply takes far too long.

Today, President Doug Dobrowolski gave a presentation on this topic at the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba Learning Centre.


View President Dobrowolski's presentation


February 6, 2013 - AMM endorses Canada West Foundation report

The Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM) endorses a report released today by the Canada West Foundation. The report, entitled “At the Intersection: The Case for Sustained and Strategic Public Infrastructure Investment” is based on over 200 studies and shows a strong link between public infrastructure investment and long-term economic growth.

Download complete report





January 15, 2013 - Municipal leaders receive Diamond Jubilee Medals

Today, four individuals were presented with a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the Association of Manitoba Municipalities and to municipal government in Manitoba.

Also receiving awards were AMM President Doug Dobrowolski and Executive Director Joe Masi, who were selected for the award by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), one of the partner organizations named by the Government of Canada to distribute the medals.


Pictured L to R: President Doug Dobrowolski, former Interlake Rural Director Ed Peltz, Past-President Ron Bell, The Honourable Philip S. Lee, Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba, Past President Stuart Briese, Past President Jack Nicol, and Executive Director Joe Masi.


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