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Achieving strong and effective municipal government.

Municipal government is the order of government often described as “closest to the people.” Here at the Association of Manitoba Municipalities, we believe that statement to be true. Our members are the mayors, reeves, and councillors that represent the citizens of Manitoba’s incorporated municipalities. Our mission is to identify and address the needs and concerns of those members to achieve strong and effective municipal government.

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Upcoming Events

2017 June District Meetings

June District Meetings are held throughout the province in each of the AMM’s districts. Resolutions passed at June District Meetings will eventually go to the Annual Convention where they are voted on by the entire AMM membership.  Every second year each district has the opportunity to elect its Director on the AMM Board.

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AMM Education Workshop: Municipal Officials and Conflict of Interest…The Boundaries

Trainer: Barbara Bowes, Legacy Bowes Group

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AMM Cities Caucus

The AMM Cities Caucus is made up of all of Manitoba’s cities.


Fair Share - Fair Say

AMM "Fair Share - Fair Say" Campaign

An overview of the AMM’s successful “Fair Share – Fair Say” campaign leading up to the 2016 provincial election.


Our Latest Issue

Municipal Leader

‘Red Tape’ is a more than just a buzzword – it’s something municipal leaders experience far too regularly. Our Spring issue looks at what’s happening to reduce tape both here in Manitoba and across Canada.

Interested in advertising in the Municipal Leader? View our Media Kit.

Latest Issue

AMM Members

Meet our Members

Manitoba has 137 incorporated municipalities. Our interactive map illustrates the municipal names and districts, and introduces you to the AMM Directors representing those districts.

You can also download a PDF of the map.

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Meet our MTCML Official Suppliers

Meet our Suppliers

The Municipalities Trading Company of Manitoba Ltd. (MTCML) is the business arm of the AMM. Through these suppliers our members enjoy group buying power on hundreds of products and services.

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