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  • Photo: Pisew Falls. Image by Rose Kuzina

Achieving strong and effective municipal government

Municipal government is the order of government often described as “closest to the people.” Here at the Association of Manitoba Municipalities, we believe that statement to be true. Our members are the mayors, reeves, and councillors that represent the citizens of Manitoba’s incorporated municipalities. Our mission is to identify and address the needs and concerns of those members to achieve strong and effective municipal government.

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Upcoming Events

26th November 2018

AMM 20th Annual Convention

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27th November 2018

20th Anniversary AMM Convention Display Area – 2018

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Follow results of the 2018 Manitoba Municipal Elections from AMM

2018 Municipal Elections Website

MBvotes.ca compiles election information from all of Manitoba’s 137 incorporated municipalities. Website visitors are also able to view candidates vying for elected municipal positions through an interactive map of Manitoba.

The 2018 general municipal elections will be held on Wednesday, October 24, 2018. The general public and media will be able to monitor election results as they are voluntarily reported by municipalities across the province on Election Day following the closure of voting locations.


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