Cybersecurity Audit Service

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Cybersecurity Audit Service

Cybersecurity is increasingly important, and the cost/impact of a cybersecurity incident continues to rise. A cybersecurity assessment allows organizations to identify areas where they are weakest, and provides a clear roadmap to addressing the risks and gaps that could be exploited and cause a significant issue.

AMM has negotiated an agreement with Bloom Software Co. to offer cybersecurity audits to AMM municipal members.

Bloom’s assessment model addresses the key areas that are of greatest concern, discusses and defines them in plain language, and provides organizations the ability to make informed decisions about their own priorities to set an implementation plan.

What does Bloom Software offer?

Cybersecurity Audit services to establish insight and recommendations around:

  • User Accounts
  • Content Storage and Protection
  • Awareness of Cybersecurity
  • Assessment of Training Plans
  • Cybersecurity Policies


In brief, Bloom will engage to deliver three key bodies of service:

  • Discovery and assessment of the Client’s current Cybersecurity state
  • Recommendations and observations to be discussed for potential implementation
  • Provide consultation efforts for the Client to make informed decisions from the information discovered from the assessment.

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