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Recreation Director Employer: Town of Lac du Bonnet Location: Lac du Bonnet, MB Application Deadline: TBD

Job Description:

Recreation Director

Reporting To: Chief Administrative Officer

  • All duties and responsibilities as provided for by Provincial legislation and Council bylaws/resolutions.
  • Duties include but are not limited to:

The Recreation Director is responsible for management and oversight of the recreation department office, programs, activities and services for the Town of Lac du Bonnet. She/he will work to ensure that sport, recreation, leisure and cultural needs and interests of the Town’s residents are met. In collaboration with the CAO, the Recreation Director will be responsible for administration, budgetary financial management, planning, scheduling, program and special event coordination, leadership, volunteer development, public education and awareness.

Supervisory Responsibility

  1. The Recreation Director is responsible for the supervision of the Lifeguards, Instructors, Summer Staff and Recreation Program Volunteers.
  2. Other duties as assigned.


  1. Education, Knowledge and Experience
  • Education or degree in Recreation Studies, Kinesiology, Business Administration or a related education would be considered an asset
  • Must be able to work alone and be self-motivated
  • Must possess excellent oral and written skills and be able to interact effectively with members of the public and municipal staff
  • Ability to work efficiently with multiple community recreation groups, various duties and deadlines
  • Ability to effectively manage and lead employees and volunteers
  • Show leadership by becoming involved in local, regional and provincial activities
  • Certificate or working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite computer programs: Word, Excel applications
  • Class 5 Drivers License with clean driving abstract
  • Physically fit and mentally able to perform the required tasks
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in a community setting as a Recreation professional preferred
  • Must pass child abuse registry and criminal records background checks
  • Availability to attend evening & or weekend events or other meetings as required
  1. Position Expectation

A. Administration
The Recreation Director is responsible for managing the Recreation Department in the Town of Lac du Bonnet and administering recreation programs, day camps, services, special events and activities within the approved budget and recreation policies.

Assess the recreation needs of the citizens of the area and communicate these to the CAO and Council for policy and program direction. Duties include but are not limited to the following:

B. Financial Management
• Prepares the Recreation Department budget for approval and accounts for expenditures in accordance with the approved budget and Town policies
• Applies on behalf of the Recreation Department for operating grants and program resources
• Establishes fees and honoraria in accordance with Town policy

C. Programming and Special Events
• Facilitate, plan, encourage and deliver public recreation programs which will include physical, social, artistic, group and intellectual recreation formats and audience entertainment based on identified needs
• Be aware of the recreational needs of the citizens of the area and communicate these to the Town Office for policy and program direction
• Implement programs that will effectively and efficiently meet the needs of the Town residents
• Work with other organizations to offer joint recreational programming and avoid duplication of services
• Prepare budgets, grants, marketing tools, program plans and other records for recreational programs and events
• Conduct ongoing and final evaluations of programs and services

D. Resource
• Facilitate the exchange of information between community groups and regional, provincial and federal organizations
• Provide consultation services to community and volunteer organizations to strengthen their ability to meet community needs and to provide services that reflect those needs
• Provide information and resource materials for community organizations within the region
• Serve as a resource person to community organizations for the planning and development of facilities, programs and projects

E. Planning
• Develop an annual plan for recreation, day camps, activities and events that meet the needs and interests of the demographics within in the Town

F. Public Education and Awareness
• Promote the activities and services of the recreation department and other community organizations regularly through the social media, website, newspaper, posters, brochures, word of mouth, etc…
• Provide communication and information through regular contact with community organizations within the region
• Maintain cooperative planning and working relationships with other community agencies as well as with regional, municipal, provincial and national organizations concerned with recreation
• Inform the CAO and Council on updates for programs, facilities and projects through supplying minutes, monthly reports and making at least one formal presentation annually

G. Leadership and Volunteer Development
• Encourage and promote volunteerism as an integral part of the community
• Develop a high standard of local recreation leadership to provide high quality programs and services
• Facilitate staff and volunteers training opportunities based on identified needs

H. Other Duties
Perform other duties as assigned by the CAO and Town Council

The candidate shall have the authority, with the advice of the CAO, to undertake disciplinary action including the suspension of personnel for a maximum period of 3 days.

  1. Comprehension and Judgment

The candidate must possess an in-depth understanding and an ability to interpret the by-laws and policies of the Corporation and effectively communicate this information to staff, citizens, clients and visitors to the community.
The candidate will exercise a high degree of independent judgment in the provision of services within the approved by-laws, policies and procedures of the Corporations.

4. Working Conditions

The candidate will work a maximum of 37.5 hours/week plus such overtime as necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of the position.

Recreation Director

Chief Administrative Officer

The signature of the Recreation Director is an indication that he /she has read and understands the general responsibilities and content as outlined within this document.

Contact: Darcey Wittig
Chief Administrative Officer
Town of Lac du Bonnet

Direct Applications To:

Application Deadline: Open until filled