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Facility Coordinator Employer: Town of Beausejour Location: Beausejour, MB Application Deadline: TBD

Job Description:

Job Title: Facility Coordinator

Position Type: One (1) year Term

Wage Rate: $23.02

Department: Community Services

Direct Supervisor: Chief Administrative Officer

Will Train Applicants: In House Staff Training

Posting Information (if applicable): This a one (1) year term position, tentatively from March 2023 to April 2024.



Reporting to the Chief Administrative Officer, the Incumbent is responsible for all recreation, leisure, sport, and cultural activities in the community to provide opportunities and encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle for residents.


The Incumbent will provide leadership to the Community Services Department and be responsible for supervision of casual staff within the department. Collaborating with the Brokenhead River Recreation Commission (BRRC), the Incumbent will research and develop quality sport, recreation, cultural and leisure programs for implementation in the community.  The Incumbent will ensure that a wide range of sport, recreation and cultural programs are provided.  The incumbent will promote programs along with volunteer and leadership opportunities and provide training as required.

The Incumbent will schedule the recreation facilities operated by the Town of Beausejour to maximize use and increase sustainability. The position will also ensure that the facilities are maintained in accordance with Council approved budgets and operated within all health and safety regulations.

Role and Responsibilities

  1. Recreation and Community Services Leadership and Planning – Plan, develop and maintain community cultural, sport recreation and healthy living initiatives and programs in order to ensure that activities and events are made available for residents.

Main Activities:

  • Assess the recreation requirements of the community.
  • Communicate with the community to determine their needs and interests to provide suitable programming and publish available information and opportunities.
  • Research sport and recreation programs, trends, funding sources and project requirements.
  • Develop and maintain recreation, cultural, sport programs and organizations.
  • Develop and maintain cultural and arts programs/events within the community.
  • Keep up-to-date on grants available through municipal, provincial and federal governments and helps the Town access those grants. Prepare grant proposals, monitor and report on results. Act as Town point of contact with all other governments on recreation matters.
  • Ensure a variety of sport, recreation and cultural programs are planned and implemented to meet the needs of all ages.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of programs and recommend improvements.
  • Schedule activities and volunteers as required.
  • Supervise and lead activities and initiatives as required and directed by Council.
  • Work in close cooperation with the BRRC board and the BRRC programmer to ensure coordination of activities and events and be available to attend BRRC meetings if required.
  • Responsible for programming activities and events not administered by BRRC.
  • Provide assistance to all community cultural and arts organizations including coordination of grant requests to Council.
  • Maintain awareness of regional events and activities to ensure coordination of activities.
  • Assist with and facilitate local involvement in regional programs and competitions.
  • Provide leadership and training opportunities for volunteer management of various community groups.
  1. Recreation Facility and Community Services Oversight – Schedule and ensure that the recreation facilities owned by the Town of Beausejour are used efficiently and effectively and ensure they meet the recreation, sport, cultural and leisure needs of the community.

Main Activities:

  • Administrative leadership of all casual and seasonal staff.
  • Accountability for results of all Town controlled recreation, cultural, arts and healthy living initiatives as directed by Council.
  • Schedule facilities as required.
  • Recruit and develop casual employees as required.
  • Ensure casual personnel throughout the department follow safety procedures and standards.
  • Follow all legislated regulations regarding employment standards.
  • Provide casual employee time off requests and bi-weekly pay information for the accounting department.
  • Ensure programs and facilities are coordinated.
  • Act as the central coordinator to book and schedule all sport, recreation, and leisure recreational activities/events within Town facilities.
  • Monitor the use and safety of recreation equipment and facilities.
  • Be familiar with legislation, policies, procedures and rules about sport, recreation and cultural facilities and activities, events and competitions.
  • Promote leisure activities within the Town through local media, municipal website updates and other contacts.
  • Coordinate with the Town communication consultant to maintain the municipal website’s recreation sections regularly and manages recreation-related bulk email to site registrants, social media posts on municipal social media, and occasional recreation-related newsletters in utility or tax inserts.
  • Perform other duties as may be assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Attributes


  • Recreation, sport and leisure program and event development, promotion, administration and evaluation;
  • Knowledge of methods for identifying program demand and trends;
  • Cultural activities and opportunities;
  • An understanding of relevant legislation, policies, procedures and rules;
  • An understanding of municipal government practices and challenges;
  • Knowledge of emergency procedures, first aid and CPR.


  • Team leadership and supervisory skills;
  • Ability to handle multiple priorities and work independently;
  • Financial management skills;
  • Problem solving, decision making and planning skills;
  • Good written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to prepare reports;
  • Ability to coordinate and participate and partner with other community Organizations to design and implement programs;
  • Research and program development skills.

Personal Attributes:

  • Maintain standards of conduct;
  • Be respectful;
  • Possess cultural awareness and sensitivity;
  • Be flexible;
  • Demonstrate a dedication to the position and to the community;
  • Demonstrate sound work ethics and be a self-starter;
  • Be consistent and fair;
  • Be bondable;
  • Possess a current acceptable criminal records check.


The Incumbent will have attained the required knowledge, skills and attitudes through completion of a post-secondary Degree or Diploma in Recreation or a related field. A minimum of 3 years of related experience is required, preferably with increasing responsibility.  Equivalencies will be considered.

Accountability and Responsibilities

Under the general direction of the Chief Administrative Officer, the Incumbent is responsible for the efficient and effective operation of recreation and leisure services. This position is responsible for maintaining community leisure programs within Town facilities. The incumbent must be a self-starter and work closely with community groups and independent recreation-based community organizations. The work requires the employee to exercise judgment, initiative and creativity. The nature of the work requires a significant degree of independence while dealing with multiple programing and event requests. The incumbent shall ensure that their duties are carried out in an effective, efficient and safe manner in relation to themselves and fellow employees

Comprehension and Judgment

The incumbent must possess an understanding of and work within the policies and by-laws of the Corporation.  The incumbent will exercise a reasonable degree of independent judgment in dealing with staff, citizens and clients

Hours of Work and Conditions

This is a full-time position (35 hours per week) and may require the incumbent to work increased hours on evenings and weekends as required. Due to the nature of the position flex time and/or averaging agreements may be put in place. Attendance at meetings outside of regular working hours, training and workshops may be required.


Resumes will be accepted by the undersigned until a suitable candidate is found.

The Town of Beausejour wishes to thank all candidates for their interest in this position, however, only those individuals considered for an interview will be contacted.

Direct Applications To:

Vesuvia (Vee) Scromeda, CMMA
Chief Administrative Officer
The Town of Beausejour
Box 1028, 639 Park Avenue
Beausejour, Manitoba R0E 0C0


Application Deadline: Open until filled