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Chief Financial Officer Employer: Municipality of Rhineland Location: Altona, MB Application Deadline: TBD

Job Description:

Summary: The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for the financial functions of the Municipality along with various other administrative management functions.

Classification: Full-Time Permanent

Reports to: Chief Administrative Officer

Hours: This position will normally work the regular hours worked by the Administration Office. As a management position it is expected that the employee will work the hours of the day required to fulfill the duties of the position.

Duties of the position include:

  • This position is responsible for the overall financial related elements of the Municipality including Bank Accounts (cash management), Deposits, Transfers, Investments, AP, AR, Ledgers, Tax Rolls, Payroll, Insurance, Health Benefit Plan, Pensions, Insurance, Workers Comp, CRA etc.
  • Ensures all financial functions and record keeping processes are completed in compliance with established Provincial & Federal Legislation/Acts & Municipal By-Laws & Policies.
  • Leads the Municipality’s Asset Management Program
  • Manages and maintain all financial related by-laws, agreements and policies of the Municipality, ensuring compliance.
  • Develops, recommends and implements approved policies, plans and programs for the administration of financial functions.
  • Ensures financial related checks and balances are maintained to protect the assets and interests of the Municipality.
  • Works closely together with the municipal auditor to ensure compliance.


  • Provides necessary reports and advice on all matters of a financial nature:
    o Monthly financial statements for council approval
    o Annual financial statements to external auditors
    o Cash flow, capital funding, budgets, projections, strategies etc.


  • Develops, implements and monitors the annual budget process.
  • Supervises financial/utilities/reception department staff within municipal personnel policies in consultation with the CAO.
  • Assigns and delegate tasks to assigned staff with direction and assistance given as necessary.
  • Work with our IT provider on accessing digital needs
  • Manages and provides direction with respect to the municipal accounting software program(s).
  • Works closely together with the CAO and may be asked to share some of the duties of the CAO from time to time.
  • Signs financial instruments including agreements, cheques, tax certificates
  • Issues official correspondence under municipal letterhead within policy
  • Develops, prepares and manages major capital projects including managing funds and financial reporting.
  • Regular contact with the public and other organizations, agencies, boards. including correspondence, telephone and in person.
  • Attend meetings of council, committee, or outside organizations as required by CAO.
  • Make judgment calls and decisions within the framework of the position.
  • Other duties as may be assigned that would reasonably be expected by a person in this position.


Experience & Qualifications

  • Requires a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of management accounting and accounting functions. Experience with Municipal Accounting including PSAB is an asset
  • Have or willing to obtain the CMMA (Certificate in Manitoba Municipal Administration) designation.
  • The completion of a recognized accounting designation or a combination of post-secondary education and/or related work experience in a financial & organizational management capacity including budget planning and control, personnel management, oral & written communication skills and policy preparation.
  • Proven ability to learn & utilize various computer software programs in an efficient and effective manner. Organize data utilizing various software programs; Microsoft Suite, accounting software as well as other software applications that may be implemented from time to time.
  • Advanced Excel skills.
  • Experience with Muniware accounting software would be beneficial.
  • Ability to prepare by-laws and agreements of a financial nature.
  • Demonstrated ability to work with a high level of accuracy, tact and diplomacy and maintain effective working relationships with the general public, councils, department staff, colleagues, agencies, boards, commissions, government departments and suppliers and any other organization the Municipality is involved with.


Unique Position Requirements

  • The work requires the employee to exercise judgment, initiative and creativity while working under the framework of existing legislation, by-laws, policies and procedures.
  • This position requires the completion of numerous projects and reports that are highly deadline driven and relied upon by others.
  • This position requires someone who is resourceful and enjoys challenges.

Direct Applications To:

Michael Rempel
Chief Administrative Officer
Municipality of Rhineland
Box 270
Altona, MB R0G 0B0


Tel: 204-324-5357

Fax: 204-324-1516

Application Deadline: Open until filled