June 7 – Eastern District Meeting

Photo: Along the Red River by Niverville, MB by Rose Kuzina

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June 7 – Eastern District Meeting

This is an online event.
Registration is now closed for this meeting. Please read this webpage for further information.

Click the links below to review the Eastern District’s:

* Meeting Agenda

* 2020 Meeting Minutes

* The deadline for Service Award submissions (June 4, 2021 at 11am) has been reached.

* Register to Date

* Registration deadline is June 3, 2021. Be sure to check your Junk E-mail folder just in case any confirmation emails get delivered there instead of your Inbox. If you find this has occurred, select the confirmation message and click Not Junk, which will allow future messages to get through.

* This meeting will not be recorded.

* All observers will be able to follow the livestream proceedings of this District Meeting via AMM’s YouTube channel. Registration is not required for observers.

Election for District Directors: Click here to view the Elections for Board of Directors webpage.

Resolutions: Continuing with the format of the 2020 Resolutions, there will be no resolutions debated during the 2021 District Meetings. The deadline for submitting Resolutions to the AMM office is August 1, 2021. For more information about the Resolutions process, contact Stefanie Vieira, AMM Senior Policy Analyst at svieira@amm.mb.ca

Click here to view the Member Advisory: Reminder #1 – 2021 June District Resolutions

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