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SOLD OUT! AMM Education Webinar: CIVILITIAS! Respectful Leadership

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Poor organizational processes, complex challenges and difficult individuals can cause good people to exhibit poor manners. Collectively, incivility diminishes organizational culture, performance and confidence. Civic officials and staff need to know the causes and strategies to promote respectful leadership practices. Civility enhances the confidence factor in local government so members can devote energy to community services and strategies, rather than addressing governance or workplace dysfunction. 

During this session, led by Gord McIntosh, you will learn strategies to avoid dysfunctional conduct for yourself and others. Develop proactive strategies to promote respectful leadership and reactive tactics to address incivility. Join colleagues to apply techniques to address and prevent ‘real time’ incivility challenges.

Upon completion of the session, you will enhance your capacity to:

– Manage your own response to ‘inhibitor’ triggers.

– Recognize the characteristics of different personalities.

– Address the impact of disrespectful behaviours.

– Identify organizational prompts for poor conduct.

– Develop proactive practices to promote respectful leadership.

– Enhance personal respectful leadership competencies.


Leading this live session:

Dr. Gordon McIntosh, CLGM has 40 years of management, educator and consultancy experience with public sector agencies throughout Canada and Palestine, United States, Africa, Philippines, Caribbean, South America and Sri Lanka. He provides governance development, strategic facilitation and leadership training services for national, regional, local and indigenous governments. Gordon has conducted over 1,300 training sessions involving more than 140,000 elected/appointed officials and staff. Session participants affirm that his dynamic and practical sessions enable them to make an immediate leadership difference.


Maximum seating limit of 30 people has been reached.

Registration fee $100 plus GST per person.

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