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Raven Sprayer Unit For Sale

• 550 Gallon Tank
• 13HP Honda GX Motor
• Hydro Vane Sprayer Pump
• Dan Foss electric over hydraulic boom controls paired with a Sure-Grip Controls Joystick
• 5 section electric control valves (3 for swing boom, 1 for the rear boom, 1 for the spot of spraying)
• Retractable Cox Hose reel for spot spraying (electric)
• Body manufactured by CoolSpring Colony near Bethany, MB

Information on Unit:
The unit has a Raven Evizio Pro monitor with auto rate flow control allowing the user to set the desired application rate and the unit will maintain the desired application rate as vehicle speed varies. As well the sprayer is equipped with dual Raven Sidekicks and induction system which combined with the automatic flow control allows the operator to direct inject chemical into the booms without mixing in the primary tank. The Envisio Pro monitor is GPS guidanced and shows the operator where product has been applied in real time, this allows for precise application of product, minimizing overlap of product and stores the applied track that can be downloaded to a USB stick for record keeping.

The sprayer unit features both a foldable three section boom as well as a rear mounted boom with in cab product section control allowing for either a broad spray application or a precise single section application (product can be controlled to any of the 3 separate control valves managing product flow to the swing boom and one valve controlling product to the rear boom)
The self-contained hydraulic system that allows mounting/removal of the sprayer truck body
The unit requires final setup once truck mounted: boom measurements/offsets have to entered into the monitor and flow meter number verified. Hydraulic controls may need fine tuning to operators liking. Desired sprayer nozzles/tips need to be installed

The Municipality asking price for this unit is $85,900. Other offers are welcome but not necessarily accepted.

Contact Information

For more information please contact:
Trish Fraser, CAO

204-834-6600 ext 3