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Request for Proposal – Fire Service Review Employer: RM of Springfield Location: Oakbank, MB Application Deadline: September 25, 2020

Job Description:

The RM of Springfield invites the submission of proposals from consulting firms or contractors with the capability and expertise to complete a comprehensive Fire Services Review of the Springfield Fire and Rescue Service. The purpose of the Review is to assist in identifying issues, priorities and opportunities in the provision of fire services and to define the appropriate levels of service for the municipality. This review will guide the Council and administration in making decisions that best meet the needs of the municipality and develop the framework for an effective fire service delivery in the RM of Springfield.

Project Scope:

The successful proponent will work with the Springfield Fire Service Team to ensure that data collection is valid and reliable. At a minimum, this review is designed to determine and achieve the following benefits:
• Enhanced firefighter safety
• Enhanced cost control and containment
• Increased efficiency
• Increased effectiveness
• Identification of the right-sized service to meet the needs of the municipality

Project Deliverables:

  • The successful bidder will provide a report addressing each of the review areas identified below.
  •  A presentation to Council of the final report will be delivered.

Areas of Review

  1. Assessment of current Fire Services By-law, Policies, Directives and Standard Operating Procedures with respect to adequacy and compliance with existing provincial legislation and with industry standards. Provide recommendations to improve this documentation based on the review and including any recommended improvements arising from other areas of this review.
  2.  Review of current fire protection service levels as identified either by policy or by capability and practice. Assess strengths, gaps and areas for growth and improvement such as specialty firefighting operations (IE water rescue and trench rescue). In the assessment, there should be particular emphasis on workplace safety and areas of vulnerability and risk.
  3. Review current fire service training programs for consistency with standards. Assess the adequacy of the current training and on training requirements for current service levels and for any recommended service level improvements.
  4. Considering trends and forecast growth in municipal land use development and potential economic development, review the current staffing model providing recommendations that will meet the future needs of the Municipality for the next 5, 10 and 25 years.
  5. Review existing firefighting equipment and apparatus identifying future requirements and capital purchases for the next 5 to 25 years to reflect the growth of the fire service area.
  6. Evaluate current fire halls for location, use and capacity. Based on these findings, present recommendations for developing existing stations and suitable locations for future stations, which address the forecast growth of the Municipality.
  7. Review records for training, equipment maintenance and incident reporting. Provide comments on the adequacy of these records, on compliance with any agency reporting requirements (E911, OFC, EMO, etc.) and any recommended improvements.
  8. Review existing fire and life safety inspection protocols for compliance. Review fire safety education programs for adequacy. Summarize findings along with any recommendations for improvements.
  9. Review fire department spending in conventional operational and capital categories. Identify budgetary benchmarks suitable for comparison with neighbouring municipalities. The proponent is not to undertake the comparison, but just determine Springfield’s benchmarks. Suggested benchmarks are fire service costs per capita, fire service costs as a portion of total municipal budget, costs per emergency incident, training costs per population and any others the proponent may recommend.
  10. Provide any other recommendations for improving value for service.

Please note the specific submission instructions noted below.

All inquiries regarding this request for proposal must be directed to Colleen Draper, CAO at the email address or telephone number noted below.

Direct Applications To:

Proposals should be clearly marked “Request for Proposal: Municipality of Springfield – Fire Service Review” and must be received by the submission deadline.
One (1) digital copy must be submitted by email or a USB key personally delivered or couriered to:
Colleen Draper, CAO
100 Springfield Centre, Drive, Box 219
Oakbank, MB, R0E 1J0


Tel: 204-444-3321

Application Deadline: September 25, 2020