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WEBINAR: People First HR Services: Inclusion Starts with “I”

This session is intended to introduce the concept of Diversity and inclusion and the fact that the two are not synonymous. Diversity without inclusion is simply not enough. While there are organizational and systematic ways to promote diversity and inclusion, true success relies on the awareness and efforts of each individual.

We all have bias, both conscious and unconscious. This can sometimes create assumptions which hinder our ability to behave in a way that is inclusive. Together we will explore bias and its impacts as well as ways that each individual can help to create an environment where differences are not only accepted but are sought out and valued.

The session will be interactive and will include small breakout room discussion to share and learn among participants.

Course agenda:

  • Define Diversity and Inclusion
  • Benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • Bias and its impacts
  • Unconscious/Implicit Bias
  • LIVE Diversity and Inclusion: What can I do?

A registration fee applies for this 90-minute webinar.

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