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Once Elected, What is Expected? Council Seminars/Webinars in 2019

Posted January 10, 2019

Elected Municipal Official Training workshops, offered by Manitoba Municipal Relations in partnership with the Association of Manitoba Municipalities are fast approaching. These one-day seminars will be presented in four different communities across the Province as well as interactive webinars will be offered. The presentations will explore many of the challenges and issues that councils will face during their four-year term of office.

For newly elected members, the presentation will be a good introduction to the many roles and responsibilities you will be assuming as new members of your municipal council. For returning members of council, it will be an excellent refresher.

This interactive presentation will build on the Elected Officials Pre-Conference seminar presented by Municipal Relations at the AMM Annual Convention in November. Elected officials will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss a broad series of municipal topics presented by “the experts”.

Topics will include:

Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest: This session will help council members to understand their responsibilities under the recently introduced Bill 2 that proposes to strengthen municipality’s ability to enforce violations of their codes of conduct. There will also be a discussion on The Municipal Council Conflict of Interest Act and the different types of conflict of interest and procedures that must be followed if council members believe that they have a conflict.

Municipal Finance and Assessment: Learn about council’s role in managing the financial affairs of the municipality. The session will offer an overview of municipal budgeting, the connection between assessment and taxation, importance of services and infrastructure priorities, borrowing and effective financial monitoring.

Council Meetings & Making Legislation and Enforcement: This session will provide an overview of proper meeting procedures and will highlight ways councils pass legislation and enforce their by-laws.

The Role of the Ombudsman: Learn the process that the Ombudsman uses to investigate complaints, their neutral and impartial role, and what you can expect if the Ombudsman supports a complaint about your municipality.

Fire Commissioner: Learn about the municipal fire protection plan including fire and safety by-laws, policies and the roles and responsibilities of administration and council.

Waste Disposal Sites and Wastewater Management: This session will provide information on landfill site requirements including personnel training as well as water and wastewater legislation and operator certification.

Learning about Your Economy: This session will illustrate how municipalities can gain insight into their economies with the recently available Economic Profiles.

Updated: February 27, 2019

We encourage members to attend this informative and timely seminar at a community most convenient to you or sign up for an interactive webinar session. View the workshop/webinar agenda HERE.

Registration fee is $40. including GST per person. Click on the date you’d like to register your attendance.

Webinar dates:

March 6, 2019 – registration has closed.

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