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June 24 – Central District Meeting

This is a virtual meeting to be held on Zoom.

The Association of Manitoba Municipalities invites Central District members to register and attend the Central June District Meeting on June 24, 2020. This year’s meeting will take place virtually, via Zoom.

Click the below points to review your District’s:

Central District Meeting Agenda

Central District’s 2019 Meeting Minutes

If you are unable to attend the meeting in your district, you are welcome to attend a meeting in another district. A list of dates for each District meeting can be found on the AMM Website.

Online pre-registration deadline for this meeting is June 19, 2020.  Registrants will receive the Zoom meeting address link no later than 5 days prior to the meeting.

Click here to view the Central register and Service Award lists to date.

The deadline for submissions for Service Awards has passed. If you have a submission, please review the Service Award Criteria and email the details for dbelbin@amm.mb.ca.

Central District Meeting Registration Here

RESOLUTIONS – Please be advised that there will be no resolutions debated during the 2020 June District Meetings. Instead, the AMM has extended the deadline for submitting resolutions to August 1, 2020 to the AMM office.

In the fall, all resolutions will be reviewed by the Resolutions Committee and only Category 1 resolutions will proceed to the annual AMM Convention for debate.

As always, if your municipality is facing any issue, your Council is encouraged to submit an official letter addressed to the AMM Board of Directors outlining your concerns.

This option may potentially result in your municipal issue being resolved prior to the annual Convention.

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