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AMM Education Webinar: SOLD OUT – To the Finish Line…and Beyond: Setting Realistic Priorities

Registration is closed as this session has reached capacity.

Registration is closed as the number of maximum participants has been reached.

When wheels on a vehicle are not aligned, there is a lot of wear on the tires and excess fuel used. It takes a lot of physical energy to avoid going off the road! The same applies to the strategic alignment imperative among and between elected officials, management and staff. Join this session to learn how to create a strategic priority dashboard so everyone in your local government vehicle are aligned with enough fuel for the road trip!

When everything is a priority – you have none; when they are vague – they are useful; and when they are not actionable – they are useless. Now is the time to determine what your workplace or organization will complete, work on and/or initiate during the balance of this term. This highly, interactive session will engage elected officials and staff in a step-by-step priority setting process for ‘real time’ matters facing participants. Learn how to unpack a strategic topic, apply a reality check, assess urgency and assign political and/or administrative responsibility to establish NOW priorities and NEXT/LATER directions. You have a tool kit to apply in your workplace or organization to not only set realistic priorities but sustain strategic attention to implementation and adaptation to changing needs.

Fee $100 plus GST per person.

The maximum number of participants has been achieved!

Registration for this session is now closed.

Learning Objectives 

Upon completion of the program, you will enhance your capacity to:

– Design and implement strategic priority setting steps

– Facilitate development of creative strategic options

– Set realistic priorities using rigorous criteria

– Sustain organization attention to strategic implementation

– Enhance personal strategic leadership competencies

This session is for supervisors, strategic coordinators, managers and principal appointed officers as well as elected or appointed officials in regional, local and indigenous government as well as separate operating municipal service agencies.

Leading this session:

Dr. Gordon McIntosh, CLGM has 40 years of management, educator and consultancy experience with public sector agencies throughout Canada and Palestine, United States, Africa, Philippines, Caribbean, South America and Sri Lanka. He provides governance development, strategic facilitation and leadership training services for national, regional, local and indigenous governments. Gordon has conducted over 1,300 training sessions involving more than 140,000 elected/appointed officials and staff. Session participants affirm that his dynamic and practical sessions enable them to make an immediate leadership difference.


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