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AMM Education Webinar: Anti-Racism 101

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Over the past few months, racism has been front and centre in the news. Many people are expressing shock and outrage regarding incidents of racism and hate right here in Manitoba. People are grappling with terms such as privilege, unconscious bias, micro-aggressions and systemic racism, wondering where to ask their questions and what to say and do.

At the same time, while we know that people who experience racism can be traumatized by the inaction of bystanders, most people freeze up when they witness incidents of racism, largely due to a lack of skills.

This webinar will examine:

* The history of the concept of “race” and the experience of racism in Canada;

* What is privilege? What is systemic racism?  What are micro-aggressions?;

* How to be aware of and reduce unconscious bias?;

* How to interrupt racism and tackle uncomfortable conversations?;

* How you as a municipal official can expand your leadership skills as you create a safer communities.

Please note that all video cameras will be turned off during the entire webinar.

Due to the interactive nature of this webinar, participation is limited to 25 people. Registration fee is $110 plus GST per person.

Registration transfers will be accommodated. Cancellations will not be accepted. AMM will invoice following this event.

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Webinar led by Priti Shah, PRAXIS Conflict Consulting

Priti Shah has been doing public speaking for more than 25 years and brings a diverse personaland professional background to her engaging and inspiring presentations. She is a lawyer, mediator, arbitrator, investigator and facilitator and operates PRAXIS Conflict Consulting in Winnipeg. She is widely known and highly respected for her work in the areas of dispute resolution, human rights and discrimination, harassment, governance and organizational development.
Priti has travelled to 68 countries and represented the Government of Canada and the Organization for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights in September 1998 as an observer of the parliamentary elections in Bosnia & Herzegovina. She is committed to international development and has completed eight Habitat builds. In May 2005, Priti was awarded the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Contribution to Community from the Women Business Owners of Manitoba.


Optimal experience for this interactive web-based workshop will be achieved by using a laptop or desktop computer. While a tablet can be used, iPads are not recommended because of their challenges with the Adobe Connect platform.

The session will take place using Adobe Connect which can be downloaded on your device without cost. Download instructions will be sent in advance of the training.

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