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2020 AMM 22nd Annual Convention

This event will be held virtually. Please refer to this page regularly for updates.

**NEW** 2020.09.01 – Please click here to view the 2020 AMM Draft Agenda.

2020.07.07 – Please click here to view an important message from AMM regarding the 2020 Annual Convention.


2019-2020 In Memoriam

Each year the AMM honours the Mayors, Reeves, Councillors, and Senior Administrators (past or present) that have passed away during the year (September 2019 to November 10, 2020).

Our organization will recognize these members in the “IN MEMORIAM” portion of the 2020 Convention handbook.

Click here to be directed to the submission form.

We want to ensure your registration and event experience will be effortless and offer the following outline for your consideration.

October 1: Convention registration is now available on the Annual Convention webpage of the AMM website.

* The registration fee for municipal officials who are eligible to vote (mayor, reeve, head of council, councillor, City Manager, CAO or Resident Administrator) is $75 plus GST each. There is a separate registration form for Voting Municipal Officials.

The aforementioned MUST be registered to participate in this virtual event, including voting for the Executive Committee and resolutions.

* The registration fee for municipal officials who do not have voting privileges and may attend as an observer is $200 plus GST each. This group of municipal officials includes assistant chief administrative officers, department heads, officers, clerks and any administrative employees. There is a separate registration form for Non-Voting Municipal Officials.

* A completed registration form will be your confirmation.


No municipal official will be allowed to register after this time, NO EXCEPTIONS. 

AMM will invoice after November 12, 2020. Please do not pre-pay for any registrations. 

November 12 & 13: Voting municipal officials will receive an email from Data On The Spot (DOTS) which will include a unique link to the secure voting page. A voting municipal official will be required to enter their name and personal email address. This can be accessed from your mobile device. There will be a test question. Please bookmark the webpage or save the link.

November 16: Executive Elections & Resolutions Advance Polling opens.

November 19: All registered municipal officials will receive an email from AMM that will include the link to sign into the website where the Convention will be streamed.

November 23: AMM Convention will begin at 9:00 am. It is recommended that viewers sign in to the live-stream at 10-15 minutes prior to the stream.

November 23: Voting members can use their mobile devices to access the Election and Resolutions voting web portal.


Voting Municipal Officials click HERE to Register

Non-Voting Municipal Officials click HERE to Register

AMM Cancellation Policy: Registrations are transferable within your municipality however submission of this registration constitutes a commitment to attend and cancellations will not be accepted.

November 23 - Tech Tips

The live-stream will be in HD and for optimal viewing, our production partner, ENCORE, recommends:

1. Using a laptop or desktop computer (not a mobile device like a tablet or smart phone),

2. Using a hard wired internet connection with high speed internet,

3. Ensuring your computer is fully updated and running most current version of Google Chrome.

4. If a municipal council is using WiFi to view the proceedings as a group, it is recommended that a connection that has a stable 20 mb/sec download and 10 mb/sec upload speed to remain connect, is used.

5. If municipal officials are individually viewing the proceedings with a desktop or laptop and using the WiFi where there’s other users (municipal office), the connection will have to be increased.

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