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Our most important events of the year.

  • 2018 Senior Election Officials Training Seminars

    Manitoba Municipal Relations, Municipal Finance and Advisory Services, in cooperation with the Association of Manitoba Municipalities (AMM), will be presenting 2018 Election Training Seminars in March.

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  • 2018 Mayors, Reeves and CAOs Meetings

    The Mayors, Reeves and CAOs meetings are held annually in conjunction with the Municipal Officials Seminar. The meetings are broken down into a morning and afternoon session.

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  • 2018 June District Meetings

    June District Meetings are held throughout the province in each of the AMM’s districts. Resolutions passed at June District Meetings will eventually go to the Annual Convention where they are voted on by the entire AMM membership.  Every second year each district has the opportunity to elect its Director on the AMM Board.

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