The AMM Education Program offers full-day and half-day workshops beginning in 2015 and running through 2018. Elected officials who complete 75% of the program are awarded with a certificate of achievement.

  • AMM Education Workshops (two topics, one day!) Public Engagement & Measuring Up: Tracking Municipal Performance

    Trainer: Shari Anne Doolaege, Sage Analytics Inc.

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  • AMM Education Workshop: Municipal Officials and Conflict of Interest…The Boundaries

    Trainer: Barbara Bowes, Legacy Bowes Group

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  • AMM Education Workshop: Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership

    Trainer: Genella Macintyre, Partners in Discovery

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  • AMM Education Workshop: Managing Your Primary Leadership Asset (Yourself)

    Trainer: David Falk, Facilitated Solutions

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  • AMM Education Workshop: Making a Leadership Difference

    Trainer: Gordon McIntosh, Local Government Leadership Institute

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